How To Choose Fire Resistant Doorsets

Many neglect to include practicalities among aesthetics when it comes to interior design, like fire rated doors. Unlike the old days, fire resistant door manufacturers today offer a great variety of designs and materials, instead of merely a slab of plain-looking steel, as such fire rated doors can be installed without compromising aesthetics.

With that said, let us look at how to choose a fire resistant doorset. Contrary to popular belief, no door, regardless of material and sturdiness, can withstand fires indefinitely. As such, fire rated door suppliers and manufacturers rate their products by the number of minutes they can withstand a fire. They are typically fire rated at 30, 45, 60, 90 and even 120 minutes. The longer they can last, the better. However, longer lasting doors also tend to be thicker and cost more, so choose according to your budget and décor needs.

The common misconception about fire resistant doorsets is that they have to be mostly steel to work effectively. While this was once true, technological advancements over the years mean that fire rated door manufacturers can now make them out of a variety of materials, even timber, which is usually flammable. Not only would these fire rated timber doors look elegant, they would work just as well as their steel counterparts.

Fire resistant door suppliers designed these doors to be tough, but they can only work with proper peripheral hardware and installation, hence the term “doorset”. Intumescent strips, specialized door frames and hinges are part of the doorset, which allow the door to operate properly and seal the gaps in the event of a fire. Without them, fire will leak through the gaps between the door and the frame, rendering the door redundant. It is therefore, vital, to choose an experienced and certified fire rated door manufacturer or supplier, such as Midah Industries, with the know-how to properly install the fire resistant doorsets they offer.

Properties can be acquired and earned again when lost; unfortunately the same cannot be said with your life. As a reputable fire resistant door supplier, you can trust Midah Industries in this regard for better protection against fires.