Product : MIDAH Fire Resistant Doorsets
(Tested and approved to MS1073:PT 3:1996 and BS 476:PT 20 & 22:1987)
Approved 45mm thick MIDAH 1-Hour Fire Rated Doorset, fully insulated composite Solid Door, constructed with multi-layers of Fire Resistant Insulated Boards and internal timber edges, finished with MR Plywood on bothsides an Hardwood Lipping all round.  The Doorset is completed with Hardwood timber / Metal Door-frame: 65mm x 140mm double rebated profile, fitted with Intumescent Seal and approved range of Door hardwares and accessories.
Basic Description of A Midah Fire Resistant Doorsets (1 hour rating):
Door Panel - The door panel is 45mm thick, constructed with multi-layers of fire resistance and insulated material and internal timber edges, finished with MR Plywood facing and hardwood lipping all round.
Door Frame - A double-rebated door frame with a sectional dimension of 138mm x 60mm (minimum size) is constructed with heavy hardwood species as tested and approved.
Intumescent Strip - A 20mm x 2mm intumescent strip is fitted all round on timber frame, and for metal framed firedoor set, it will be fitted on the door panel.
Vision Panel (Optional) - A 6mm thick Georgian Wired-Glass with a maximum area of 0.65m2 and linear dimension of 300mm can be incorporated into the door panel.
Special Door Finishes - Quality veneer plywood finishes and decorative timber beading can be provided on request.
Door Achitectural Hardwares - A full range of tested and approved door hardwares are available on request.
  • Door Locksets – Lever Handle Mortise & Electronic Locking System
  • Door Closers
  • Door Hinges
  • Door Selectors
  • Automatic Fastening Bolts

Midah Fire Doorsets complies fully with the requirements of Stability, Integrity, Insulation and Cyclic Movement Endurance Test.

Midah Fire Resistant Doorsets are built to withstand and contain fire (1,050c) for up to 120 minutes.

Midah Fire Resistant Doorsets ranges from half-hour to two-hour fire rated and are available in single or double leaf panels.

Midah Fire Doorsets are subjected to consistent manufacturing techniques and quality control tests that ensure every door will perform to its rated specifications in an emergency.

A complete range of quality approved and tested door hardwares and accessories are also available to meet any project requirement.

Our professional team is able to meet the requirements of every fire door in your project including on-time delivery and expert installation that ensures compliance.

Our constant research and innovation in door construction technology delivers that best value to customer’s doorstep.

Fire Rated Door Manufacturer Approved by SIRIM