Timber Decorative Doors & Windows

Midah Solid Timber Decorative Door, constructed with kiln-dried timber, crafted and assembled to stringent  quality standards as per proprietary specification and design.


First impressions count. A door is the first thing that greets you when you step into a home or room. The warmth of a quality timber door adds a dimension of elegance and comfort to any living space.

Midah Decorative Doors are manufactured from fine kiln-dried timber and painstakingly crafted and assembled to high quality standards. Its distinctive collection of doors consists of solid timber, moulded wood and flush panels.  They can be made to order for any size and design and custom finished to your requirements.

Solid Timber Doors for grand entrances and rooms
Interior Moulded Doors to enhance or match any décor
Flush Panel Doors for simplicity and practical applications
Crafted from the quality kiln-dried timber
Durable, Resists water, splitting, cracking and warping
Doors can be painted or stained to a natural finish
A wide range of quality locksets and accessories are available to complement your doors.

Door Finishes

Firedoor Facings
Decorative Doors
Fire Rated Door Manufacturer Approved by SIRIM