SIRIM Approved Fire Rated Door Manufacturer

Your properties might be valuable, but no more so than the lives of you and your loved ones. When the building you are in happens to be in a fire, one of the things you would wish for is more time to escape, which is why fire resistant doorsets are indispensable. As a reliable and reputable fire rated door supplier, the SIRIM approved fire rated timber doorsets offered by Midah Industries ensure top notched fire protection for your premises.

The Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia Quality Assurance System International, or known widely as SIRIM QAS International, is the leading certification, inspection and testing body within the country. No other institution inspires customer confidence like SIRIM does, and both Midah Industries’ single leaf and double leaf fire resistant doorsets have earned the SIRIM mark.

For our fire rated timber doorsets to acquire the SIRIM mark, they are required to undergo rigorous fire resistance and endurance tests conducted in the SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd’s laboratory to prove that their fire protection qualities and duration are as claimed. Midah Industries can only be recognized as a legitimate fire rated door manufacturer when the doorsets passed the standards set by SIRIM. With fire resistant door suppliers typically now supplying doorsets not only to industrial complexes, but residences as well, the need for SIRIM approval has now gotten even more crucial.

Other than SIRIM, Midah Industries, as a fire rated door manufacturer, has also earned its place as an affiliate member in the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) as well as membership in the Malaysian Fire Protection Association (MFPA). In addition, the fire rated timber doorsets are awarded with certification from the Fire and Rescue Department, Malaysia (FRDM). All these certifications, on top of SIRIM, serve to cement Midah Industries’ credibility and reputation as a fire rated door supplier or manufacturer.

As a fire rated door supplier supplying fire rated timber doorsets exclusively to residences, our doors are also elegantly made to ensure they fit nicely into just about any interior décor. As such, your home will not be a pleasant place to live in, but also give you a peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones will be well protected against fires by SIRIM approved fire rated doors.